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"Rebox" Flying Ballon Girl Stencil

Flying Balloon Girl is perhaps one of Banksy’s most well known artworks. It was painted on a wall on the West Bank in Israel in 2005 and carries a poignant political message. Many believe that the piece signifies the children trapped by the conflict between Israelis and Palestine’s who are longing to fly away to freedom.
Orlee | 25/4/2021

"Rebox" Stencil Fiat Mefistofele 1:12

This product is sold as a valid replacement for the decals for the original Italeri Fiat Mefistofele 1:12 scale kit. This Upgrade can be a valid alternative to the original decal, because the result that can be obtained is more realistic. The stencil is not reusable, it is a single use product.
Orlee | 11/4/2021
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