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1. Which products sells Orlee?
We are a company since 2017 and we are creating new products every month, today we can offer Stencils / Masks, Brushes, masking tape, etc..

2. Where are Orlee products made?
Orlee products are developed and completed in Switzerland, the raw material is Switzerland and in foreign origin.

3. Are you producing products for other companies?
Yes, the idea is to offer a resale service: DECAL, and Vinyl Cut  for info, contact us by email.

4.Why Swiss modeling products?
Because Switzerland is synonymous with precision, quality, and we want to follow the same philosophy.

5.What is fast order?
Fast order is an additional e-commerce cart, this page allows through the "search code" to quickly track down your product

6.Accepted payment methods?
We accept bank transfer, PayPal and Twint.

7.How much does the expedition cost?
Unfortunately we can not give you a precise price, but you can see the tables in the "Shipping" section

8.Shipment times?
Delivery times vary from country to country, we ship both in priority mode and in economy mode, for more information visit the "shipping" section of the website.

9.Is my privacy guaranteed?
Of course your privacy, we are protecting it, we have made available to everyone a "privacy policy".

10.I can return an orderly product by mistake?
Of course, we are not perfect, no one in the world is perfect, it can happen that you are wrong, in this case you have the right to return the item within the first 30 days after the purchase, the reimbursement expenses are not borne by Orlee but Same buyer.

11. Can I resell Orlee products?
You are a online shop in the field of modeling, we will be happy to show you our discount, we have very interesting prices for all the info please contact us via email.
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6600 Locarno

call us now: +41 76 582 84 70

* All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2019 ORLEE
We give you 30 days to return your purchases if you are not satisfied

* All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2019 ORLEE
* All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2018 ORLEE
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
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