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Banksy flying balloons girl 1:35 PLASTIC
Material: Flying balloons girl 1:35

Number stencil: 1 plastic

Stencil matt trasluncent, 250 micron (0,25 mm thick)
Fantastic product for those looking to recreate military designs in the world of modeling, this stencil is suitable for modern environments. The product is sold with a reusable PVC stencil measuring 139x54 mm.

His master stroke hits him when he went to Gaza, he painted graffiti on the wall that divides the Palestinian territories from the Israeli ones. Banksy's works show tropical landscapes, children playing and little girls who hang from balloons flying over the wall. This represents the intrinsic meaning of his works: flying beyond the "walls", bringing out the desire for light and justice from the gray concrete of the metropolis. The artist aspires to transform the Gaza Wall into a real art gallery. Perfect for those like him who clandestinely hung his works at the Tate Gallery, at the British Museum or at the Louvre, sought after throughout England and renamed «the art terrorist».

Use: airbrush or brush

Reusable: YES

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Fantastic product for those looking to recreate military designs in the world of modeling...
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