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Fascist Writings WWII Stencils
Material: Stencil Fascist writings WWII 1:35 by APA

Number stencil: 1 pcs

Masking adhesive green translucent,  matte surface, 0.080 mm thick, material by APA s.p.a

During the Fascist period it was common to write on the walls of the houses "mottos" that praised the leader, we made stencils in scale 1:35 that give a real dimension of what happened during the Italian fascist period, the loyalty of our stencils is very accurate . For this product we used the APA masking, very performing, resistant.

One of the main mass media through which fascist propaganda could spread, throughout the thirties / forties, throughout the peninsula, was the mural inscription. The regime made a substantial use of exposed writing of apparatus, in its various subspecies, for the fact that it functioned as a means of mass contact and, obeying a celebratory-monumental criterion, carried out ideologically very effective propagandistic tasks.

Use: airbrush or brush

Reusable: YES

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During the Fascist period it was common to write on the walls of the houses "mottos" that...
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