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Stencil Pepsi cola Logo Plastic 1:35 scale

Stencil pepsi cola logo Plastic in 1:35 scale

Number stencil: 1

Stencil matt trasluncent, 250 micron (0,25 mm thick)
Pepsi cola better known as "pepsi" Historic American cola company for over 100 years. The PEPSI COLA Stencil PLASTIC  are faithfully inspired by the Pepsi logo of 1906 and 1940, they are sold in 1:35 scale (diorama), but can also be applied to other scales (example 1:24)

This stencil can be used for making the diorama 5 Cent Pepsi Cola in 1:35 scale, Red Lyon Store, between Greenville and Ayden NC. (Near Greenville, North Carolina, Pitt County. Hwy 903 from Ayden to Snow Hill in Greene County, NC).
For those who want to make only this diorama, they can request an additional adhesive stencil for a fee (+3 chf), to the email address to complete this diorama, the photo proposed only for illustrative purposes and inspired by them, each one is free to choose which shape to give to these designs.

Reusable: YES

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Pepsi cola better known as "pepsi" Historic American cola company for over 100 years.
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